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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Classroom | Posted on January 30, 2014

Today was the first day of Term 1, 2014. We were really excited to be back at school to see our friends again and check out our new room. It was a busy day which went really fast.

For the first seven days we are participating in the T.E.A.M Program. It stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Together we will be making decisions about how our classroom will run and how we will learn. We will also be learning new things about each other.

One of the things we worked on today was our Class Constitution, or Class Code.  A constitution is basically a set of rules.  Australia has one and we watched a short video clip to learn a bit more about it.  Click HERE to watch it.  There are eight chapters in Australia’s Constitution and five parts in the 5/6 Constitution.  We worked in small teams to create:

Learning Expectations

Behavioural Expectations

Organisational Expectations

Rewards and Consequences Processes

Administration Procedures


The Organisational Chapter Draft

The Organisational Chapter Draft


Rewards and Consequences Draft

Rewards and Consequences Draft


You can read our draft Class Constitution below.  We will be voting tomorrow on whether or not to use it.


What do you like about our Class Constitution?

What should we change?


Do you have a Class Constitution? What are some of your rules?

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Congratulations on this constitution. I think that it is very detailed and thorough. If everyone abides by it you should have an amazing year. I like the fact that you can apply to have the constitution reviewed if needed and all changes have to go through a democratic process. Well Done.
Mrs Laffan

Looks like you did a lot of work on your constitution. It looks long. Can you remember it all or does it get posted around the room to look at?

Does one part of the constitution stand out as the best to make a successful year? Have you tried using the 7 habits? We’re learning about using those this year.

We look forward to seeing what you do this year as a group. We’ll check back soon.

We were out of school a lot this week. It came a little snow and was very cold which made driving dangerous. We had early release at 11:30 on Tues., then out Wed. and Thurs. and late start at 9:30 on Friday.

Welcome back! It sounds like you’ve had a very productive start to your term, and what a great idea to produce a constitution. I like the fact that you have many more rewards than punishments – that’s the way we like to work, too!
In our school we have 6 Golden Rules which we all have to keep. The Golden Rules are posted in each classroom so that we can remember what we must do. Our rewards are merit points for good work and good behaviour, and we have a celebration assembly each week where we all get together and celebrate the good stuff that has happened. Each teacher gives out 2 certificates to children in their class who have impressed them in some way. Do you have anything like that?
We look forward to working with you all again this year!
Mrs Monaghan
A Room with a View

Hello Mrs Monaghan,

It’s great to be back! I am really excited about the year ahead.

I wonder if your Golden Rules are a little like our school values. We have them displayed in classrooms and central learning areas as posters. What are some of your Golden Rules?

We have House points for good behaviour. I wonder if they are a bit like your merit points? We also have two certificates presented to students from each class each week at assembly. One is for ‘Student of the Week’ and the other is our Values award. This year we are going to ask a student to nominate another student for the weekly awards. It is interesting how even though we are on opposite sides of the world we have similar rewards!

Looking forward to working with you too!

Miss Crowther 🙂

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