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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Weather | Posted on January 17, 2014

Victoria is coming towards the end of a weeklong heat wave. Temperatures have been at least 40 degrees Celsius since Tuesday and in some areas since Monday. Yesterday, Melbourne’s maximum was 43.9C. In the North of the state it was even hotter. Today’s forecast is for 44C before a cool change at around 8pm tonight. Melbourne hasn’t had four days in a row over 40C since 1908.  A Bureau of Meteorology forecaster has said that temperatures will drop from about 40C to 25C in an hour. WE. CAN’T. WAIT!


Melbourne's Forecast

Melbourne’s Forecast


Yesterday, Adelaide was the hottest city in the WORLD. Their forecast was for 46C, close to their highest ever recorded temperature of 46.1C in 1939.

The heatwave has caused quite a few problems.  Some people have lost power because there is such a high demand for it.  Did you know that the trains have to travel slower so that they aren’t derailed? There are also bushfires around the state. Players at The Australian Open are also affected.   Pets and wildlife are  looking forward to the cool change too.  Paramedics have been busy looking after people who have stayed out in the sun for too long.

Here are some tips for looking after yourself when it is hot:

* Stay inside if you can

* If you have to go outside, wear sunscreen, stay in the shade and wear a hat

* Drink lots of water

* Avoid exercise

* Keep curtains and blinds drawn

* Look after your pets.  Let them inside (as long as they are not a pony!) and give them plenty of fresh, cool water.  Make sure outside animals have plenty of shade and that their water is in the shade.

It is amazing to think that whilst we are in shorts and T-shirts sweating away other people in the world are shivering in very cold temperatures.  In parts of America and Canada schools were closed because of a severe cold snap.  Some forecasts said that it felt like -51C due to the wind chill factor.  Brrr!


What is your weather like today?


How are you ‘beating the heat’ in the heat wave or staying warm in the cold snap?


Would you rather a heat wave or cold snap?  Why?



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Isn’t mother nature fascinating! The world over, there are extremes of sorts at the moment. A couple of days ago we were on Cyclone Watch here in Darwin. I drove out to Tipperary Station school from Darwin and got caught by flash flooding across a road. The station workers had to come and pick us up in an old army truck!

Keep cool in Vic today!

Kind Regards,
Jasmine Shannon
Tipperary Station School, NT

Hi Jasmine,

Oh no, fancy having to be rescued from flash flooding! Is that a normal part of life in the Northern Territory? Is now your ‘wet season?’ What temperatures do you have at the moment?

It has bee 44C down here in Victoria where I am today. I am counting down the hours until the cool change. I feel sorry for the native animals and large farm animals who can’t go inside on such hot days. My dog has just had her second shower for the day and although she hated every minute of it I think she was happy to cool down a little bit – not that she would ever admit it! She is now back in front of her fan – it is positioned at just the right height for her!

I am always amazed how one country can have such different weather events. Do you get many cyclones at Tipperary Station? What do the cattle do during a cyclone?

Stay safe…and dry!

Miss Crowther

Hi Miss Crowther,
I am just watching the news (and facebook) and see that the cool change has now got there but there are huge winds! Oh no!

Yes, it is our Wet Season which means it rains most days. Torrential rain too! Cars have to pull over, drains and gutters overflow, flash flooding, etc! The waters come up and down so fast. There are lots of TV messages about kids staying away from drains.

It is only about 34c here today but the humidity is what is the awful part! Last week was up around 84%. So you step out of the shower and sweat!

It is also a time when crocs move around waterways and can be found in lots of rivers but even have been found in people’s pools and streets. So lots of Croc Wise Safety campaigns also are on TV at the moment too.

Enjoy the cool change!

Kind regards,
Jasmine Shannon
Tipperary Station School, NT

Hi Jasmine,

It is a lovely 23C today. The winds have died down and there is a gentle southerly breeze blowing. 🙂

I can’t imagine such high humidity. It probably feels as hot as our 44C. Does it cool down at night?

I hope the crocs stay away from the school house at Tipperary Station. Are there many sightings of them on the station? I don’t like the thought of finding one in a swimming pool or on a street.

Thanks for teaching me about your weather and special weather related campaigns. We don’t have either of the campaigns down in Victoria and it wasn’t something that I had ever thought about. We have a lot of bushfire safety campaigns instead.

Stay safe!

Miss Crowther

Hi Miss Crowther

The heatwave was something that I was glad Hobart missed out on. Our hottest day was a mere 32C but in Launceston they had several days in the high 30C’s which is very unusual for Tasmania.

I felt very concerned for the tennis players that I saw on the news broadcasts. I also admired how much dedication they showed in playing through such difficult weather circumstances.

Watching the news broadcasts about the extreme chilly and wet weather in the Northern Hemisphere was disconcerting. We have so much mild weather that it is sometimes hard to imagine how cold it must have been. Some of the imagery of frost and snow build up on structures was amazing.

Have you ever been in a snow storm?

Mrs S

Hi Mrs S,

Yes, the tennis players certainly showed a lot of determination and commitment to keep playing in such extreme heat. I truly don’t know how they did it.

I have never been in a proper snow storm. Once it started to snow and I think people called it a ‘white out’ when I was skiing. It became very hard to see and too unsafe to keep skiing. So, we just went inside and waited for it to pass, which it did pretty quickly. It would be completely different living in it for days on end. I heard one news reporter saying that any little bit of exposed skin (eg. Nose) could get frost bite in a matter of minutes because the temperature was so low.

I think snow is something that looks very pretty but can also cause a lot of trouble.

Take care,
Miss Crowther

Hi 5/6 Team,

It sure was hot with 5 days over 40!

Our blinds were definitely shut in our house. That sun was BEAMING.

These were the things we were doing:

Every hour we were hosing down our Guinea Pigs outside.

We were drinking every ten minutes.

And every second we were waiting for it to cool down as it was too hot to even go in the pool!

I love hot weather for a few days but that hot and that long was annoying!

Enjoy the 39 degree heat today 🙂 🙁

Happy blogging! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi Chelsea,

Another hot, hot, hot day! I can’t say that 39C at school was much fun today. Mrs Placek and I gave the air conditioners in the classroom a very good work out!!

I bet your guinea pigs were very grateful to be cooled down every hour. I remember when I had a little guinea pig on hot days he would have a frozen soft drink bottle (filled with water, not soft drink!) wrapped in a tea towel in his cage. He would lie next to it and cool down. Do you do that too? I also put wet towels over his hutch. I think your guinea pigs are very lucky to have you looking after them.

I completely agree about hot weather for long periods of time being quite annoying! I found I had no energy and it was too hot to do much. I ended up reading a lot and having an afternoon nap! Millie found herself in the shower a couple of times, much to her horror!

I have my fingers crossed that the weather forecast of hot days coming up is wrong.

See you on Thursday!

Miss Crowther 🙂

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